Handmade Oval Long Plate – Fall Collection

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With its unique form and texture, Handmade Oval Long Plate – Fall Collection will turn you into a star chef in the flavor presentations you make to your guests, and it will have an appetizing and elegant effect visually as well as your delicious treats with the handmade deep plate of this collection.

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This personalized handmade ceramic product that you can gift to yourself or your loved ones can be designed according to your needs. After your payment, you will be contacted with your contact information. You may contact us to customize it. Since each product we manufacture is 100% handmade, there are slight differences between each product. Our products are shaped by hand, inspired by organic and natural forms, without using a lathe. Also, because we apply a re-active glazing technique, no product is alike. We take great care to ensure that all the materials we use are nature-friendly and that our damaged materials are returned to Mother Nature as a fish nest in our seas. It is suitable for daily use. It is glazed for use in food. It is lead free. Tiny cracks or lines in the form of textures can be observed on the outer and inner surfaces of the product, this is not a mistake but a part of the design. Product images have been placed to introduce the product to you. The use of lemon and similar acidic foods for storage in our products may reduce the life of the product, we recommend that you do not use it for this purpose. We recommend that you do not put it in the oven, microwave and do not use steel wool during cleaning. We recommend hand washing, but you can wash it in your dishwasher at low temperatures. If Handmade Oval Long Plate – Fall Collection is out of stock, it will be shipped in about 2 weeks. Before Handmade Oval Long Plate – Fall Collection is delivered to the cargo, utmost care is taken in its packaging for the cargo and the materials used.

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